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If you have an A-shaped body shape, you belong to this category of women with a unique and feminine silhouette. You will notice that your shoulders are narrower than your hips. The shoulders may be rounded and the chest may vary from small to medium. 

The widest part of your figure is often found at the hips and thighs, which creates a pyramid shape.

For this body type, high-waisted jeans are essential for your wardrobe, in order to clearly highlight your waist, as well as jeans with large pockets at the back for a shapely butt effect.

Mainly favor a straight cut which will be wide from the thigh to the ankle to harmonize the silhouette.


If you have an H body shape, also called a rectangle silhouette, you are distinguished by a harmonious alignment of the shoulders and hips, with a less pronounced waist.

For this body type, it is very important to mark your size. For slightly marked waists, choose skinny or wide leg cuts such as Flare jeans.

However, for larger sizes, choose bootcuts which will draw attention to your rounded buttocks and give the effect of pronounced hips.


If you have an O-shaped or oval body shape, you have a curvaceous and feminine silhouette. It is characterized by beautiful curves and a shallow waist, the same size or slightly wider than the hips.

So-called O-shaped women are often curvy, but not only that! Indeed, body types are not only linked to your weight but rather to the natural shape of your body.

Choosing the right clothes will therefore not help you hide but help you show off.

For this body type, Flare jeans or Wide legs are preferred to highlight you.


If you have a V-shaped body shape, you have an athletic figure.

This morphology, also called inverted triangle or carrot, is characterized by shoulders and a bust that are wider than the hips, which can disrupt the harmony of the body. But don't worry! Its thin and defined waist, as well as its tapered legs are the most beautiful assets of this silhouette.

You have a lot of elements to highlight, and even more possibilities to highlight them. For this body type, nothing better than a high waist (a medium waist works too), coupled with a mom cut to highlight your waist and give beautiful volume to your hips.


If you have an X body shape, you have an hourglass figure, also known as the female X figure.

It is characterized by shoulders and hips in the same alignment, as well as a marked (or very marked) waist. This silhouette can be guessed quite simply, just look at yourself in a mirror or take your measurements.

The hourglass silhouette or the female

For this body type, it is important to balance the hip/waist ratio. Go for high-waisted slim jeans. If you are part of the thin waist and generous hips team, who seeks to reduce the contrast, prefer loose cargo-type cuts at the thigh and hip level.